Anna Yusim Fulfilled

How does spirituality fit in with science, business, and leadership? Dr. Anna Yusim, a psychiatrist with a private practice and a lecturer at Yale Medical…

Robert Glazer Elevate

About Website: Book: Elevate Bio: Bob Glazer is the founder and CEO of global performance marketing agency, Acceleration Partners. He is also the co-founder…

Safi Bahcall Loonshots

How can you make large shifts in your organization’s culture? Safi Bahcall, physicist, entrepreneur, and author of Loonshots, identities the shifts in structure that allows…

Jeffrey Hull Flex

How can you stay adaptable in today’s changing leadership world? Jeffrey Hull, author of Flex, says that being agile in the moment is key to…

Bob Rosen Conscious

What drives you forward? Bob Rosen, co-author of Conscious, believes that a deliberately aware mindset leads to positive action. Good leaders, he says, have the…

Patty McCord Powerful

How can you create excellent teams? Patty McCord, co-creator of the viral Netflix Culture Deck and author of Powerful, says we have to encourage particular…

David Litt Thanks Obama

What does it take to write a killer joke for the President of the United States? About thirty bad ones, first, says David Litt, former speechwriter for President Obama and writer/producer for Funny or Die.

Liz Wiseman Multipliers

Are you sucking the intelligence out of your team? According to Liz Wiseman, there are two kinds of leaders, and the latter only get about half of their team’s intelligence.

Dan Ariely Payoff

Through a series of fascinating experiments, behavioral economist Dan Ariely has begun to decipher the relationship between meaning, money and motivation.

Byron Katie Loving What Is

Can you reduce the amount of suffering in your life just by asking a few specific questions? On this episode, we’ll examine each of them and I’ll put them to the test with a real situation from my life.