An intensive program to close your leadership gaps, learn with other leaders, and accelerate your impact.

As a high-performing leader, you face new challenges every day. Truly succeeding in your role requires uncovering what’s holding you back and discovering exactly how to get what you want.

At Bregman Partners, we believe that you don’t have to do it alone.

In our executive group coaching program, we will guide you through a proven process to identify your leadership gaps and develop the necessary skills to bring your most powerful leadership abilities to the table.

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Accelerate And Grow Your Leadership

Become a stronger leader by developing the four key traits every great leader needs:

  • Deep confidence in self
  • True connection to others
  • A powerful commitment to purpose
  • Emotional courage

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Engage In Meaningful Work While Learning Alongside Other Leaders

Start Showing Up As A More Powerful Leader

Leaders that have benefited from Group Executive Coaching

  • I began working with Peter to accelerate my own professional development and help me better lead. With insight, practicality, and flexibility he helped me see myself clearly: what I was good at, where the gaps were, and the best path forward to become the leader I needed to be.

    Don Kania, CEO, FEI Company

  • I hired Peter to help me develop a new leadership team. My team was made up of incredibly talented people, but most of them had issues that were getting in the way of their effectiveness. Peter got us to see that confronting the truth was the real opportunity. He’s been extraordinarily helpful to me in finding approaches and tactics that work to keep our team working at a higher level. Peter calls me brilliant for executing, but the brilliance really came from Peter’s insights in helping me think things through!

    Brian Gaffney, CEO, Allianz

Invest In Your Leadership Abilities

The Bregman Leadership Accelerator will increase your ability to:

  • Focus your efforts - and the efforts of others - on what’s most important
  • Connect with and manage others in a way that inspires commitment
  • Make tough decisions and have difficult conversations 
  • Deal with conflict courageously, skillfully and confidently
  • Build trusted relationships, even with difficult people 
  • Plan for your success

The Executive Coaching Group will give you the traction you need to grow as a person so you can move your organization and your life in the direction you want.


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