Most change fails. Most strategies fail. Almost always, the biggest challenge that the organization faces is getting their people to work together to execute. That’s the challenge we address.

Most consulting firms focus on the organization, not the people, and most coaching focuses on people, not the organization or business outcomes.  We focus on both.  We have the expertise, capability and deep commitment to ensuring that both succeed together.

We work in partnership with our clients to effectively execute their strategies or change initiatives, and we do it through their people. We identify and close the gaps that get in the way of people contributing their best to the organization.  We strengthen leaders and their teams  – making them more aligned, more accountable, more creative, more collaborative – all with an extreme focus on the outcomes that are most important to the organization.

We help people work together to achieve something BIG.


  • We love and care deeply about people and organizations - we don’t trade one off for the other.
  • We do our work, in partnership, with our clients. What’s most important to you is what’s most important to us.
  • We set an aspirational bar for ourselves and for our clients. We hold a vision for you that is greater than you have ever imagined.
  • We are in the back of the room, supporting. You are in the front of the room, shining.
  • We do not judge you, ever.
  • We bring our whole dynamic selves to what we do, and we help our clients do the same.
  • We bring a spirit of creativity and experimentation to what we do. If something isn’t working, we try something else.
  • We ask a lot of questions. We listen to the answers - really listen - and then we solve. Not with theory, with practice. And we measure results.

Peter Bregman understands both the organizational and people challenges that get in the way of achieving results. For over 30 years, Peter has helped hundreds of CEOs and teams develop leadership skills, overcome personal and organizational obstacles, and work collaboratively to drive results for their organizations.


We’re a true partner. Smart and humble.
Experienced. Curious. Courageous.

Our team of experienced executive coaches all have a deep understanding of people and organizations. Many have held senior leadership roles themselves, and have coached thousands of leaders in every industry from CEOs to individual contributors. Each coach has been trained in the Bregman QUICC Results™ method and has extensive experience applying our models and methodology within organizations.

Most importantly, our team is truly committed to helping our clients achieve more than they thought they could.


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