We help successful people like you close your leadership gaps, grow as leaders and inspire those around you to get great results.

As a leader, you want to be your best and bring out the best in the people around you. Especially when it comes to doing something bigger than you’ve ever done before.

You know that being the kind of leader who drives others to reach their full potential is your greatest competitive advantage, but it can be difficult knowing where to start.

Difficult team dynamics, disparate agendas, and individual egos all put you at risk of not getting the results you want. This is never more concerning than when it’s time to take on a new challenge.

I’ve devoted the last 30 years of my career as a Top Leadership Coach for Senior Leaders and their Leadership Teams to make sure you won’t have to.

By working with the biggest names in the business, I’ve seen that all leaders face many of the same challenges. But when they overcome the persistent behaviors threatening to undermine their success they rise to new levels.

At Bregman Partners, our mission is to help successful people become great leaders. We show them how to harness the collective energy of those around them so they can achieve great things together.

Whether you’re a CEO, a senior leader of a Fortune 100 company, a leader in a fast-growth startup, someone stepping into a new leadership role, or a high-performer who reads my work and listens to my podcast, we know you can dramatically raise the level of your leadership.

Becoming a better leader will enable you to reach your objectives, do bigger things than you’ve ever done before and allow you and the people you work with to love the journey along the way.

The Path

To bring your most powerful leadership skills to the table, you need a combination of qualities most people don’t have. Deep confidence in self, true connection to others, a powerful commitment to purpose, and emotional courage.

Great leaders inspire people to do great things.

Here’s how you can become that leader.

Diagnose The Problem

Every leader, every team, and every organization has a leadership gap. I encourage all leaders to begin by assessing their strengths and weaknesses in key critical areas.

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Close Your Leadership Gap

Whether I’m coaching you in person or through events, books, articles, and podcasts, I teach you how to powerfully and practically modify your behavior and close your leadership gap.

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Create Results In Your Organization

Leadership is how you show up in the world, and how you bring out the best in those around you. I help you ensure that the daily actions, practices, and behaviors you engage in as a leader will lead your team and organization to long term success.

Pick Your Coaching Method

The Means

Every leader is in a different place.

Here are a variety of ways I can help you, based on where you are right now.


Through my bestselling books, popular articles, and weekly podcast, I deliver leadership content relevant to where you are right now.

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In my in-person leadership training programs, I help you remove the obstacles holding you back from bringing your best leadership to your work and life.

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Executive Coaching

I work with some of the top executives in the world to grow their leadership, bring out the best in their teams and help organizations see great results.

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Peter Bregman has been CEO of a global company himself and understands both the organizational and people challenges that get in the way of achieving results.

With over 30 years of experience, Peter has helped hundreds of CEOs and teams develop leadership skills, overcome personal and organizational obstacles, and work collectively to drive results for their organizations.

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The Bregman Leadership Podcast

Join the conversation with today’s thought leaders on how to become a more powerful, courageous and effective leader.

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