Execution is a People Problem,
Not a Strategy Problem

As a leader, you know that it takes more than a clear vision and strategy to drive results for your organization. You need to be able to execute.

90 percent of organizations fail to execute their strategies successfully*

Whether you are facing a new challenge, managing a difficult transition, or starting a new strategic initiative, the key to successful execution of your strategy is your people. You need a leadership team that is aligned, committed, accountable and collaborating effectively to get the critical work done.

If you don’t have an effective team, then you will waste time, energy and resources, and won’t get the results you want.

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For over 20 years, Bregman Partners has been helping senior leaders create accountability and inspire collective action to drive results for their organizations. We have a deep understanding of both organizations and people, and we apply our expertise in both to help you create effective teams that can get your most important work done.

Achieve Ambitious Goals Using our proven, proprietary framework and process, The Big Arrow, we help you achieve your most important strategic goal, YOUR “Big Arrow.”
Create Teams That Work Together We help you build teams that are aligned, committed and collaborating at all levels of your organization.
Transform Your Culture With the Bregman Acceleration Model (BAM)©™, we help you identify the gaps that are preventing successful execution of your strategy, and then close them by creating a culture of accountability.
Develop Great Leaders We coach your senior executives and team members to help them develop their leadership skills and become more courageous, powerful leaders focused on the organization’s most important priorities.

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We work with you to understand your organization’s goals and to identify the gaps and obstacles that are getting in the way of achieving them. We then develop a plan that draws from our wide range of capabilities – coaching, consulting, assessments, data analysis and training – to help your organization move forward and achieve your goals.

The Big Arrow

Create aligned, collaborative teams who work together with urgency and accountability to achieve your organization’s most important goal in the next 12 months.

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Leadership Advisory

Work directly with trusted advisor, Peter Bregman, to help you identify and address the critical leadership and organizational gaps that are getting in the way of achieving your most important work.

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We have successfully partnered with many of the world's premier organizations.

Peter Bregman has been CEO of a global company himself and understands both the organizational and people challenges that get in the way of achieving results.

Based on 30+ years of experience, Peter has developed a proprietary framework and process that work.  He has helped hundreds of CEOs and teams develop leadership skills, overcome personal and organizational obstacles, and work collectively to drive results for their organizations.

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