How well do you manage distraction?

1. Even though it feels like I work non-stop all day, I still don’t get the most important things done.


2. No matter what I intend to focus on at the beginning of the day, as soon as I start working (checking email, etc.), I seem to get derailed and lose my focus.


3. When I have something important and challenging I want to accomplish, I spend my time doing lots of little things and avoiding the big one.


4. When my work gets challenging, I somehow keep interrupting myself by surfing the web, doing email, and other distractions.


5. When I’m on a conference call, I get bored and start multi-tasking until I miss something important and try to recover without making it obvious that I wasn’t paying attention.


6. I’m late for meetings and appointments because I try to get one more thing done instead of leaving enough time for preparation and/or travel.


7. I feel overwhelmed and stressed out by the number of things I have to do.


8. My work day ends in frustration as I think about all the things I intended to accomplish but didn’t.


9. When I try to make space for my own work, I get interrupted by others and I find it hard to protect my time.


10. I don’t spend enough time at work in my “sweet spot” (doing work I’m really good at and enjoy the most).


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