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Fast-track your leadership in four days

Great leadership is about so much more than what you know.

Learning to be a great leader means digging deep within yourself and showing up every single day with the courage to connect with others and to confidently take the risks needed to see your biggest wins. This requires uncovering what’s holding you back from being the best leader you can be.

Whether you’re facing a new challenge or looking to grow as a leader, the Bregman Leadership Intensive can shortcut years of executive coaching and give you the traction you need to dramatically improve how you show up as a leader — all in one four-day experience.

Designed to maximize your learning power in a hands-on, small-group environment, the Bregman Leadership Intensive will help you do deep and transformative work more effectively than ever before.


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Every leader, every team, every organization has a leadership gap. With the Bregman Leadership Intensive, you can close your gap today and finally see dramatic improvements.

Close Your Leadership Gap

At the Bregman Leadership Intensive, you will work alongside other high-performing leaders. Learning from other participants in a small group environment is essential to your success. This will teach you to powerfully and practically modify your behavior to best build and guide a great team.

See Results In Your Organization

Leadership is how you show up in the world, and how you bring out the best in those around you. Unfortunately, knowing what to do and doing it effectively are entirely different things. In the Intensive, you will learn the daily actions, practices, and behaviors that will enable you to lead your team and your organization to lasting success.

What Peter's students are saying

  • The first four years of my consulting business were largely flat and I knew I could do more. After following Peter Bregman’s work for some time, I finally got up the courage to attend my first Bregman Leadership Intensive.And that’s when it happened!In the 2 years following my first Intensive, I saw a 170% increase in my firm’s profits.I attribute so much of this progress to the work we did at the Intensive, and how Peter and his team raised my awareness and encouraged me moving forward. I’m incredibly grateful for the influence of Bregman Partners and the Leadership Intensive, not only in my business but also in my personal growth. I am so pleased with the changes and I can’t wait to come back!

    Trina, Owner & Principal, Knowledge Advisory Group.

  • You can’t be a true leader of others until you know how to take leadership of yourself…. Peter and his team use unconventional techniques and approaches to push their students to be their best selves in and outside the office. This experience has made me a better leader.

    Randall Tucker, Chief Inclusion Officer, MasterCard

  • Peter’s leadership intensive helps you go way beyond a typical “areas of development” exercise and dig into deeper truths to help you breakthrough what’s holding you back from being a far more effective leader. Since the experience, I am more in tune with myself and those around me and able to adapt much more quickly to changing dynamics without losing sight of what matters most.

    Katherine Wu Brady, COO, Catchafire

Become a better leader in less than a week

At the end of four days at the Bregman Leadership Intensive, you will...

  • Fundamentally understand the 4 elements of powerful leadership and why they matter so much to your success.
  • Have a clear understanding of how to approach the leadership challenges you are facing by uncovering your blind spots and eliminating them as obstacles to your success.
  • Master the ability to stay focused on what is most important for lasting impact on your leadership and your career.
  • Develop - in a deep, transformative, and lasting way - your own Confidence in Self, Connection to Others, Commitment to Purpose, and Emotional Courage so that you can consistently show up as the leader you want to be, inspire those around you, and reach your goals.
  • Develop your confidence and ability to manage tricky and difficult situations with challenging people.

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Date: TBD
Location: Saybrook Point Inn in Old Saybrook, CT

Price: $9,995. Your registration includes tuition, four nights of accommodations at Saybrook Point Inn & Spa, and all meals.

Every leader has something holding them back from being their best in business and life. But it’s hard to know where to start and even harder to do so in an effective manner that helps you see results, fast. The Bregman Leadership Intensive is the key to helping you unlock your most powerful leadership today.