I help you do bigger things than you’ve done before.

You want to be a leader who motivates your team to make great things happen. But something is holding you back.

Leadership is hard, but identifying what’s getting in the way doesn’t have to be.

Becoming a more powerful leader means knowing when to ask for help. 1:1 Executive Coaching is the best way to quickly identify areas for improvement and grow your abilities to reach bigger goals and succeed at even bigger challenges.


Grow Your Leadership With 1:1 Coaching

Helping You To Be Your Best Leader

Past success doesn’t ensure future success. And managing teams to work effectively together is always a challenge. I believe that you never have to lead alone.

Through my 30 years as a Top Leadership Coach, I’ve helped Senior Leaders uncover blind spots and further develop as leaders who know how to execute for success.

I can do the same for you.

What Peter’s clients say…

  • “Every CEO knows the feeling of not being sure how to get to their goals, how to navigate the obstacles to success. As my trusted outside advisor, Peter helps me answers the questions I ask myself, so I can clearly think through my options and make the best decisions I can.”

    Matthew S. Grossman, CEO, Plural Investments

  • “He’s an empathetic listener, but also confident and assertive enough to steer a group of high-powered, opinionated, arrogant executives to deal with the important stuff. He helps us work through difficult conversations so we come out stronger on the other end, aligned in our vision and committed to a sensible plan of action. Peter has been key in getting us to build that aligned team to achieve shareholder goals.”Don Kania, CEO, FEI Company

    Client Results: Revenue grew from less than $400M to over $1 billion and the company’s stock price went from $19.38 to $107.50.

  • “We had a young, inexperienced, and motivated management team trying to address big new opportunities, scrambling to organize themselves and execute effectively. We wanted and needed guidance that we couldn’t get internally. Peter quickly became the person they could go to when they faced tough issues, knowing that he would provide solid guidance. Because he was working with the entire team, not only did individual performance get stronger, but we radically improved cross-silo performance as well.”

    Marc Boroditsky, CEO, Passlogix

    Client Results: We shored up Marc’s management team and he successfully closed an M&A deal with Oracle.

  • “I had some major challenges around company politics, which Peter helped me navigate. He was nothing short of brilliant. He has a wealth of experience that guides him to practical directions towards what I would consider to be very difficult problems. He’s been extraordinarily helpful to me in finding approaches and tactics that work. The way that he listens and converts what he’s learned into strategy, tactic, and ways of thinking and ways of behaving, I’ve just never experienced anything like it before.”

    Brian Gaffney, CEO, Allianz Global Distributors

    Client Results: During this time, Brian was able to turn an annual loss of $30 million into an annual gain of $140 million.

  • “Peter has been particularly helpful with the three offsite meetings he’s led. Peter’s in-depth preparation allows him to be spontaneous, and he has a remarkable ability to combine training, coaching and facilitation into a single interaction. Peter is remarkable at honing on the highest leverage opportunities for growth. He’s helped us become much more effective as a company. When I look back at the short list of turning points that have moved us from good to great, Peter has been instrumental in all of them.”

    Kurt Elia, EVP, Global Human Resources Office, Endurance Specialty Holding LTD

  • “Peter has consistently helped the CEO and me to understand the cultural and human causes of business problems so that we can address them in a way that moves us forward as an organization. He’s helped the CEO shape messages and anticipate the implications of each potential course of action. Now we’re more likely to design reactions rather than deal with repercussions. Thanks to Peter, we’ve become a more thoughtful company.”

    John Metzner, COO/President, Plural Investments

The Best Leaders Know that You Don’t Succeed Alone




Everyone has room to grow. Whether you’ve just been promoted to run a high-growth startup or you are a seasoned executive at an established Fortune 500 company, your leadership can inspire a team to be successful when you:

  • Identify the leadership gaps impacting your team's ability to achieve
  • Generate strong team dynamics with the right communication and relationship-building skills
  • Foster confidence, collaboration, commitment, and connection
  • Maximize and leverage key areas to become a more effective, powerful leader
  • Align your team to reach your organizational goals