Executive Coaching for Leaders, Teams, and Organizations

In order to lead your team to do something bigger and better than they’ve ever done before, you need to do something different than you’ve ever done before.  

I’m Peter Bregman, and I have spent decades coaching senior leaders, their teams, and their organizations to be their best.

Here’s how I do it:

1:1 Executive Coaching

With 1:1 executive coaching, I partner with senior leaders to identify and overcome their greatest challenges while leveraging their greatest opportunities.

I want to overcome a challenge

Scaled Organizational Coaching

Scaled organizational coaching gets your team - or entire organization - aligned and focused on achieving high-level results.

I want to align my team

CEO/Senior Leader Coaching Group

Through the Bregman Leadership Accelerator, I help successful people in a variety of businesses and industries become stronger, more effective leaders.

I want to accelerate my impact

“Every CEO knows the feeling of not being sure how to get to their goals, how to navigate the obstacles to success. As my trusted outside advisor, Peter helps me answers the questions I ask myself, so I can clearly think through my options and make the best decisions I can.”

Matthew S. Grossman, CEO, Plural Investments