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  • Leading with Emotional Courage

    Theoretically, leadership is straightforward, but how many people actually lead? The gap between theory and practice is huge. Emotional courage is what bridges that gap.

  • 18 Minutes

    Have you ever felt busy all day but still find you didn’t move forward in the most important priorities in work and in your life? Never before has it been so important to be intentional about our time and say no to distraction.

  • Four Seconds

    In Four Seconds, Peter Bregman shows that the key to success in our fast-moving world is to pause for as few as four seconds–the length of a deep breath–to replace bad habits and reactions with more productive behaviors.

  • Point B: A Short Guide to Leading a Big Change - by Peter Bregman

    Point B

    Peter Bregman captures the perfect balance between stories you will enjoy and tactics you can implement. Delightful to read, practical to use, it reveals the mindset, strategies, and steps that will enable you to lead people anywhere you need them to go – from point A to point B.