Reality never matches our expectations

For most of us (all of us?) this year is not what we expected.

The Coronavirus has affected every single one of us – and none of us saw it coming. So I don’t know what you were expecting this year to be, but I’m pretty sure it’s not this.

But it’s not just the massive impact of a global pandemic that challenges our expectations. Truth is, reality never perfectly matches our expectations.

My most recent 1 minute and 22 second video offers some advice about what to do when life throws you a curveball. I hope you enjoy it!


  1. Jae-ann Rock says:

    Love it! Great message wrapped in a fun video! ♥️

  2. what a timely, apt inspiration as I put together fragments of business.

  3. Victoria says:

    Great post. Message clear & to the point plus a great video which will help me remember the message! Cycling in the house? Hmmmm🥺🤣

  4. Joanne Ben-Avi says:

    What a terrific ‘right on’ video!
    Just what we all need to be mindful of especially in these unusual days. Thanks!!

  5. Patricia Atwood says:

    Great video. Thanks for sharing

  6. Kevin says:

    Great reminder to maintain perspective and make lemonade.

  7. Joe Kwon says:

    Great insight about how your energy affects not just your perception, but other’s behavior. Always enjoy your insights, Peter!

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