TEDx KingStreetEast: A Question of Leadership

At TEDx KingStreetEast, I talk about how to lead change without creating resistance, how to create ownership among followers, and how to sidestep the negative emotions we think are unavoidable during change.


  1. nitin says:

    well spoken Peter. liked it very much. yes, agree that leadership is about inclusion and genuine concern to enable progress of people we work with. it is so amazing to hear perspectives from people rather than merely imposing our own as a leader. half-right thing helps very much in inducing ownership element among the team. novertheless, a goal-oriented navigation of such discussions is of importance as well.


  2. Susan says:

    Well done, Peter. I concur wholeheartedly with your thoughts around developing ownership in others and using questions for myriad benefit/insight. While I have always known the source of the change curve, I loved the way you peeled away the previously unquestioned (for me, at least) parallels between death/dying and other change processes and clearly spelled out the loss of one’s sense of control at the root. Maintaining others’ sense of control/influence is key, indeed. Nail on the head, my friend. Great to “see” you, too…

  3. Ricardo says:

    Great talk Peter, I really loved it. I gave me a new perspective on how to get people to to what needs to be done (not necessarily what you want them to do). And indeed, humility is very important to everyone, especially for a leader.

  4. Georgina Levey says:

    Even though I am not in business, this talk still applies so well to my world. Thanks for some more great words of wisdom, Peter!

  5. It’s not only about leadership, it’s about life¡¡¡ Thank you Peter. Greetings from Barcelona Spain

  6. david says:

    change may also be resited because of teh guy driving it even if we are for the change. Great presentation Peter.

  7. Cindy says:

    Elegant triangle model to share with the leaders I work with. Also going to try using it to lead myself on projects that I resist doing; and, to give more freedom to the characters in my written work to create themselves and the plot. Many thanks.

  8. Deepa says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience, Peter. I had the opportunity to learn these same lessons. Giving up control on people gives control on outcomes. Wrote on these lines in this post.

  9. Irene says:

    Yes, this applies to life. Thank you Peter. Regards from México. Irene

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