The Bregman Leadership Podcast
Episode 253

Susan Schmitt Winchester

Healing at Work

Can you turn your workplace into a “laboratory” to do emotional healing? Susan Schmitt Winchester is the head of Human Resources at Applied Materials and most recently the co-author (with Martha I. Finney) of Healing At Work: A Guide to Using Career Conflicts to Overcome Your Past and Build the Future You Deserve. Susan shares her story (content warning: child abuse), explains the difference between the “unconscious wounded career path” and the “conscious healing career path,” and defines the “bumper car” moment.


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Bio: Susan Schmitt Winchester is a corporate HR executive with over 30 years’ global experience helping thousands of people around the world realize their dreams and manifest their potential through the work they do. Currently, she’s Group Vice President and head of Human Resources at Applied Materials, based in the San Francisco Bay area.

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