The Bregman Leadership Podcast
Episode 252

Howard Prager

Make Someone's Day

How can we improve someone else’s day? Howard H. Prager is president of Advance Learning Group, and a speaker, executive coach, leadership consultant, and most recently author of Make Someone’s Day: Becoming a Memorable Leader in Work and Life. Discover the four most powerful words you can say as a compliment, the VIP model, and why we should track our progress.



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Bio: Howard Prager is president of Advance Learning Group, and an author, speaker, executive coach, and leadership consultant who strengthens people and organizations through insightful leadership and management programs. With extensive experience in F500 companies, consulting, and executive education, Howard’s work with small businesses, nonprofits, and large organizations has earned him eight professional awards. Howard brings his diverse talents and perspectives as an association leader, tuba player, and sports writer to all his work. He is an active volunteer, facilitator, and mentor in higher education, professional associations, and youth organizations.

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