The Bregman Leadership Podcast
Episode 26

Michael Abrashoff

It's Your Ship

What do you think? It’s a question that ranking officers don’t often ask of their crew, but it was crucial to Michael Abrashoff. His book, It’s Your Ship – Management Techniques from the Best Damned Ship in the Navy, details how he turned around his crew’s performance on one of the worst ships in the navy. Find out what first three steps he took as a new commanding officer that challenged the status quo and built a foundation of respect and trust within his crew.


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Book: It’s Your Ship
Bio: CAPTAIN D. MICHAEL ABRASHOFF is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD, and was a military assistant to the former secretary of defense, the Honorable Dr. William J. Perry. Abrashoff left the Navy in 2001 and became the founder and CEO of Grassroots Leadership, Inc., in Boston.


  1. Pradip Shroff says:

    A great leadership lesson in this video. Can you give transcript of all your video on your website. It takes less time to read against listen to a video. Also a written note can be easily referred again.

  2. Mick Ukleja says:

    Best podcast so far. I love the concept of “unity” vs “diversity”. That is exactly why we have “diversity” training in the first place. These principles relate to engaging the Millennials workforce in so many ways.

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