The Bregman Leadership Podcast
Episode 157

Peter Bregman

Q&A Episode

This week on the Bregman Leadership Podcast I’m stepping outside my comfort zone to bring you my very first Q&A episode. I answer five questions submitted by you, the listener, about various leadership topics, including:

· Preparing yourself and your business for a successor

· Making quick decisions

· How to prioritize your time

· How to make your ideas heard

· Testing ideas in places where perceived risk is high (but actual risk is low)

· Handling employees who are toxic and unproductive

I hope you enjoy this episode.


You asked and @peterbregman answered: #leadershipadvice on the Q&A episode of the Bregman Leadership Podcast



  1. kineret sherman says:

    I loved it. Your empathy and care for people comes through as well a your expertise. It made me think about organizations and priorities.

  2. Balu says:

    Very good and innovative initiative. Helps get a more objective view of possible solutions. Totally unbiased advice and very helpful.

  3. Rich Dorfman says:

    I love this Q&A session, hit a number of important topics quickly and honestly, I am a big fan of Peter generally and this didn’t disappoint. I am also happy to provide 1-1 feedback over email or by phone, as I feel like I have learned a lot, developed my leadership skills a lot thru these podcasts

  4. Peter, congratulations to the number – and the quality – of podcasts published! I love the range of topics you adressed in this and the previous episodes, and in many cases I see an immediate practical use for me from your conversations.
    I am also delighted to see a podcaster standing up during the recording and take this as just another hint on how seriously you take care for your personal health. Again, leading by example ;-)

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