The Bregman Leadership Podcast
Episode 32

Bill George

Discover Your True North


Should you be be an authentic leader? If you heard my podcast with Jeff Pfeffer, you’ll know he thinks it’s a terrible idea. On the flip side of that debate is Bill George, senior fellow at Harvard Business School and author of Discover Your True North. Bill argues that your unique calling should drive your leadership. Learn the three greatest temptations that leaders can fall prey to, and how you can avoid them in your life.


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Book: Discover Your True North
Bio: Bill George is senior fellow at Harvard Business School, where he has taught leadership since 2004. He is the author of four best-selling books: 7 Lessons for Leading in Crisis, True North, Finding Your True North, and Authentic Leadership, as well True North Groups. His newest book, Discover Your True North, was published in August of 2015 along with its companion workbook, The Discover Your True North Fieldbook.


  1. Susan Novak Smith says:

    Brilliant interview Peter! Being your true self is critical to creating an environment of trust-

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