The Bregman Leadership Podcast
Episode 9

Gillian Tett

The Silo Effect

I chat today with Gillian Tett, author of The Silo Effect. We discuss how workplace cultures – our silos – affect how we interact with one another. You will leave this conversation with insight into how anthropologists see the world, and how to apply this to your workplace.

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Twitter: @gilliantett
Book: The Silo Effect


  1. Peter, thanks for sharing your podcast. The thoughts about “The Silo Effect” expressed are so true. The exchange with Gillian reminded me of one of my early challenges turning around operations as a young Production Manager overseeing four departments. Their heads seldom collaborated, though they liked and respected each other. It was a formative experience.

  2. Jeanette Pacun says:

    Great podcast. Every workplace I have been in has silos. It’s the us against them. We need to work together and achieve the goals of the organization.

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