The Bregman Leadership Podcast
Episode 160

Dr. Bertie Bregman


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What happens when you have to pay more for the same service? When his former referral system suddenly increased their price tenfold, Dr. Bertie Bregman and his business partner (his wife!) decided this was an opportunity for growth. Together, they started Qwell – an online booking and referral system that connects patients to doctors. On this special episode, I speak face-to-face with my brother about the inception of the business, behavioural economics, the obsession that comes with new ideas, and the clarity that comes from face-to-face negotiations.



Bio: As primary care doctors, founders Bertie Bregman, M.D. and Rachel Bregman, M.D., saw that in the highly-specialized market of New York City, there was a lack of access to high quality primary care. With the belief that outstanding primary care is the center of better healthcare for all, Bertie and Rachel have cared for patients at Westside Family Medicine practice since 2006 under the motto, “where vintage care meets modern medicine.” Now, they are sharing their passion for better healthcare with the nation through Qwell.

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