The Bregman Leadership Podcast
Episode 143

Bob Rosen


What drives you forward? Bob Rosen, co-author of Conscious, believes that a deliberately aware mindset leads to positive action. Good leaders, he says, have the capacity to feel hope and fear simultaneously and not be derailed. Discover what it means to step outside yourself, why you need to be a leader of today and tomorrow, and four reasons why you need to change.


Are you thinking short-term and long term? @bobrosen talks about #Conscious on the #podcast



Book: Conscious
Bio: Bob Rosen is the founder and CEO of Healthy Companies International. Bob is a trusted global CEO advisor, organizational psychologist and bestselling author, who has long been on a mission to transform the world of business, one leader at a time. He founded Healthy Companies International over twenty years ago to help top executives achieve their leadership potential and build healthy, high-performing, and sustainable companies.


  1. Mohan Naidu says:

    Peter – This was a beautiful episode. Thank you for asking those great questions that I believe are on most people’s mind. As always, very honest, authentic and helpful.

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