The Bregman Leadership Podcast
Episode 155

John Rossman

Think Like Amazon

How can you challenge your own biases? John Rossman, formerly in charge of Amazon Marketplace and author of Think Like Amazon, offers his advice and insight into how a large corporation with many internal parts works together to achieve a larger goal. Discover what it means to “force function”, why you need to stay patient with your bets, and why changing your mind shouldn’t be stigmatized.


Learn how Amazon challenges their core strategies with @johnrossman, author of Think Like Amazon on the #podcast



Book: Think Like Amazon
Bio: John Rossman is the author Think Like Amazon and The Amazon Way book series, and Managing Partner at Rossman Partners, a consulting firm helping clients compete in the digital era. Mr. Rossman is an expert at crafting and implementing innovative and digital business models and capabilities. He is a sought after speaker on creating a culture of operational excellence and innovation. Prior to A&M, John was an executive at where he launched the third party selling platform, and ran the merchant services business.


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