The Bregman Leadership Podcast
Episode 148

Morten Hansen

Great at Work

How can you get extraordinary results by doing less? Morten Hansen, management professor at the University of California and author of Great at Work, believes in the strategy, “do less, then obsess.” By restricting your activities and going the extra mile on the projects that matter most, you will maximize your results. Discover the optimal number of hours you should work per week, the trouble with diversifying your business, and practical tips for letting go of tasks and projects that don’t move you forward.


“How little can I do and still achieve extraordinary results?” Remove activities that don’t move you forward and “do less, then obsess.”



Book: Great at Work
Bio: Morten T. Hansen is a management professor at University of California, Berkeley. He was previously a professor at Harvard Business School and INSEAD (France). He obtained his Ph.D. from the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University. Hansen has also been a senior management consultant with the Boston Consulting Group in London, Stockholm and San Francisco. He is ranked among the top 50 most influential management thinkers in the world by Thinkers50.


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