The Bregman Leadership Podcast
Episode 140

Stuart Crainer


Being inspired by innovative management ideas is one thing. Applying them in the real world is another entirely. How can you close that gap? Stuart Crainer has been working on that challenge for over two decades now. He went from being a business journalist to the co-founder of Thinkers50, a biannual, curated list of the top leadership and management thinkers in the world (I am honored and humbled to be on their list as one of the top 30 thinkers to watch for 2019). And now Thinkers 50 has started an executive MBA program to develop the kinds of managers who execute on great leadership ideas. Discover why it’s critical for organization leaders to develop a learning mindset, why making the right decision isn’t necessarily the most important thing, and why management is often underrated in today’s MBA programs.


Are you developing your curiosity and applying new ideas to your organization? #Thinkers50



Website: Thinkers50
Book: Financial Times Handbook of Management
Bio: Stuart Crainer is a business commentator and consultant. He is the creator (with Des Dearlove) of the Thinkers50, Editor of Business Strategy Review and an Adjunct Professor at IE Business School in Madrid.