Can you change other people? Quiz

When answering the question, please think of a specific person in your life you want to change.

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1. Have you tried to give them advice about what to do differently?


2. Have you tried to get them to see things the way you do?


3. Do you judge them for how they’re behaving?


4. Have you criticized them when they do the things you don’t like?


5. Have you tried to motivate them to change by pointing out the benefits they’ll get?


6. Do you get angry, frustrated, or scared when you think about how they’re behaving?


7. Have you complained to other people about the person you want to change?


8. Have your conversations with them about the issue ended in frustration, anger, or resentment?


9. Are you bewildered by how poorly they’re dealing with this issue?


10. Does this issue negatively affect your overall relationship with them?


11. Are you tempted to give up trying to change them, just to keep the peace?


12. Would you be willing to change your approach to one that is both more likely to help them change and can actually improve the relationship?