Keeping Those Good Vacation Vibes: Money Talking Interview

I spoke with Charlie Herman, host of WNYC’s Money Talking, about how to successfully transition back to work after a relaxing vacation. Don’t recreate the anxiety you went on vacation for in the first place–listen for tips on how to take control of your first day back.


  1. Emma Jackson says:

    How timely….just returning from Grand Caymans…my retirement dream spot. I still have two children in college and a high school soph, so off to work I go. I find your article and video very timely. I sat in my home office and actually took several hrs visualizing the warm sun on my face, the drinks with the funny looking umbrellas and fruits on them and clear skies…and then my son came home frm school and I realized that I had been daydreaming for the past 4 hrs… I said to myself… this is good… stay open and see where this new relaxed you will take you…. My inner voice is screaming ….Back to the caymans…. while my son’s voice is quietly screaming “Mom, what have you been doing all day? no snacks in the cabinet…really??…. Back to Reality…

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