Confidence In Self - Leadership Gap Assessment

1. I stay true to myself, even if I know it will disappoint people around me.


2. I remain steady, balanced, and calm no matter what’s going on around me.


3. I routinely ask for, and take in, feedback without becoming defensive.


4. I am gentle and compassionate with myself when I struggle or fail.


5. I recognize, and embrace, multiple sides of me, including sides that feel unsavory.


6. I care much more about being useful than about being recognized.


7. I clearly see the person I want to be and the future I want to create.


8. I clearly see the ways in which I already am the person I want to become.


9. I put aside distractions to focus on the future I want to create.


10. I invest my energy wisely and strategically.


11. I work a balanced amount (I am not a workaholic).


12. I laugh easily and often.


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