What do you do when you’re stuck?

We’ve all been there.  Whether it’s a particularly challenging issue or a difficult client, even the best coaches get stuck sometimes and don’t know how to help their clients move forward.

What if you had a process that would always work?  What if you could consistently help your clients make progress toward their goals, and do it in just 30 minutes?

Well, you can.

Join us for our 5-day Bregman Leadership Coach Training to learn how.

Increase Your Impact

With the Bregman Leadership Coach Training, you will gain master-level skills and the courage to be a stronger, more powerful coach that creates a greater impact for your clients and their organizations.

Learn a Reliable Process for Getting Results

Learn the Bregman QUICC Results model, a reliable, proven process for consistently helping your clients, even the more challenging ones, make progress toward achieving their most important goals in every session.

Work with Master-Level Coach, Peter Bregman

Learn directly from Peter Bregman — a Master Certified Coach since 1998, who helped design the initial ICF core competencies, is an MG100 coach and has been training coaches and coaching CEOs for over 20 years.

Build Your Emotional Courage

Develop the emotional courage and confidence to show up powerfully for your clients no matter what they bring your way.

Join a Coaching Community

Be part of a network of like-minded, experienced coaches who support and advise each other to be even better.

Grow Your Coaching Business

With the QUICC method, you can get results for your clients in just 30 minutes, giving you the ability to coach more people in less time and the capability to work with more senior level clients.

What Coaches have to say…

  • “As an Executive Coach for many years, I have attended a variety of coaching skills training programs. The Bregman Leadership Coaching Training is the most powerful 4 days I have spent. The workshop design was superb – blending the right amount of skills practice using the Bregman QUICC model while setting aside time for focusing on our own personal development through yoga, meditation and reflective experiential activities. It was a profound 4 days!”

    Carol Salloway

  • “Attending the Bregman Coach Training Program was one of the best business decisions I made this year. This program was the best experience I have had in terms of real, practical tools to hone my craft as a coach since my initial certifications. Peter and Emily did an amazing job of creating the space for deep, experiential learning. I left feeling re-energized about my chosen profession/calling and with greater clarity and confidence on how to bring even more value to my coaching.”

    Deb Busser, PCC

  • “If you’ve read any of his books or followed his blog, you already know the quality of Peter Bregman’s thinking, creativity and heart. After attending his 4-day training for coaches, I can assure you that he is the real deal and even more impressive in person. But the training is not about Peter… it is about doing great work with clients and making a difference to individuals and organizations. If you’re interested in deepening your work with clients while also increasing your efficiency, this training is for you”

    Nan Reed Twiss

  • “The laser-sharp, outcome-oriented focus Peter Bregman’s QUICC™ method requires was the most valuable takeaway for me. Others might find the emotional dimension that is lacking from so many academically oriented executive coaching programs to be the game changer. No matter how experienced a coach you are, you will walk away from this training with something valuable and new.”

    Kim Derderian

  • “My biggest challenge before signing up for the leadership coaching training, was getting my customers to really take action on their plans. I realized that using coaching instead of consulting would help with that, but I didn’t have great confidence in my coaching skills. After the course, I feel really confident in my ability to coach clients and get them to take action on their plans. Every coach or consultant who wants to get (even) better results for their clients should be signing up!”

    Martine Teeselink

  • “The Bregman Leadership Coach Training is one of the best professional development trainings I’ve attended – powerful and applicable, direct and exploratory, Peter Bregman delivers! This intensive program is masterfully facilitated, with just the right balance of structured information, skill development through hands-on practice, and well-designed exercises for relevant personal development.”

    Lisa Kantor

We are not taking registrations for this event at this time. Please check back in the future!