Challenge 10: Emotional Courage

  1. Each day, for the next three days (or the rest of your life!) do one thing that feels like a risk to you in service of what’s most important to you. Have a hard conversation, tell someone you care about them, raise an issue that nobody is discussing.
  2. Take 2-3 minutes to record your experience in your journal or on our downloadable template. What did you notice? What did you feel?
  3. Post a piece of your journal entry or a sentence about your experience on social media with the tag #EmotionalCourage

Additional Resources

  • IN THE BOOK: Ch 43: Risk is the Key to Leadership: Unlocking Your Success Equation
  • IN THE BOOK: Ch 44: Build Your Risk Muscle: The Small Personal Risks that Change Behavior
  • LISTEN: Lissa Rankin: The Fear Cure