In this three-minute survey, I’d love your feedback on some bonus material we are developing to accompany our newest book.

You Can Change Other People 
Coming Fall 2021.

“You can’t change other people, you can only change yourself.” Right?

No, not exactly.

People change all the time. It’s not that people don’t want to change. They just don’t want to be changed.

In You Can Change Other People, executive coach Peter Bregman and author and coach Howie Jacobson, PhD offer a four-step process to helping other people make meaningful changes in their personal and professional lives.


Why should I take this survey?

This bonus material created from feedback from this survey will be free to anyone who pre-orders the book – so please let me know what you’d love to see us create for you. (More information about how you can pre-order will be available in the coming months).

Our goal is to create material that is useful in implementing the strategies and step-by-step process laid out in the book.

Let’s get started.