1. nitin says:

    Hi Peter! really insightful thoughts on multitasking and laughter. Its so true that one can finish multiple tasks with some accuracy but for sure laughter would lag far behind in such scenario.

    Thank you so much and wish you and yours a joyous holidays ahead.

  2. david b says:

    What! Another
    reign of terror? Good… I need it.
    Thank you Mensch, may I have another? Dave

  3. Joseph says:

    Good day Peter: Excellent simple points as usual explained well. I agree with the quest to use focusing skills and also at the same time with mundane tasks multitasking may have to be needed….eg mfg, conceptual thinking etc. New Year’s resolution for me is to simplify everything I do and thus doing better in relationships, job etc.

  4. Aniruddha Kolhatkar says:

    I totally agree with your views on multitasking. I am a professor teaching undergraduate students and i feel that multitasking is especially bad for students. I think that if students can focus on one task at a time they will achieve better grades

  5. Good reinforcement of doing 1 thing at a time. You brought up a good point about sequential tasking – stop this and do that, etc. I would also offer that we overuse the word (or is it a phrase) multi-tasking when sometimes we mean simultaneous tasking and I can’t think of too many people who do that well.

  6. Drinking excluded of course.

  7. Multitasker says:

    I watched this while I was on a conference call and checking emails.

  8. Dan says:

    What about driving and listening to audio books? I would be curious to see if the research shows its just a waste of time (you don’t retain) or potentially dangerous.

  9. Piyali Sengupta says:

    Very Insightful conversation. We all have been victims of this ill habit, what remains to be stirred up though is WHY is multi tasking becoming predominant in work cultures ? WHY are workforces adopting to Multi tasking ? One of the causes , I think is that , innately, humans are taking to multi tasking more, after the adoption of Social Media , when they converse on WhatsApp, Opine on Facebook and Tune in to Media Channels at the same time. Innovations in technology have give us an opportunity to multi task in every sphere. This intrinsically has given rise to the propensity of multi tasking.
    So ills of technology, I guess.

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