1. Manuel says:

    Dear Peter

    I always enjoy your tip´s and what I can say about your book, is absolutely amazing, the first time was by the Harvard webinar, then I find and buy your book at amazon.

    When we are dealing with negative individuals, teams and organization or even departments give negative employees ample opportunity to vent their feelings and thoughts. Take a moment and a deep breath before continues with the communication is essential, repeat what you think is being said to assure that each of you are communicating effectively. The attitude is the foundations of the communication, principally to respond to workplace negativity.

    Greetings from Mexico.

    Manuel Santos

  2. Adil says:

    Hello Enigmatic Coach Peter, Thanks for this excellent Video. I wanted to ask you- who is your inspiration and what is the most effective advice you received when you started your career.

    Once again thank you for your hard work.


    1. Peter Bregman says:

      Hi Adil – this will sound trite but the best advice I got was from my father and mother who always pushed me to do what I loved to do. And I get inspiration from so many people and so many situations that it’s truly impossible to limit my answer in a way that would be useful. Thanks for reading!


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