1. Emotional courage. Well said.

    Only thing I might add is that being a leader means making everyone around you better. That takes intentionality, commitment, and you can do that regardless of whether or not you have a high position in your company!

  2. Good leadership points, Peter. Now…

    can you spring for $20 till payday? Meyers

  3. Michael Corley says:


    Yes! Yes! Yes! Emotions can not be underestimated in any role, and your use of the term “emotional courage” is dead on. Leaders know leadership, and I firmly believe that leadership can be learned – at least to the extent of the concepts, practices and even the actions. The disconnect is between what one knows and how one behaves. Leadership in “real time,” the ability to apply what is known under the blanket of emotion, is what separates good leaders from average leaders.

  4. YES! Love this. We’ve got to catch our leaders in action.
    Stop – THINK – LISTEN – Replay/Redo
    We are seeing this more and more. Very hopeful that we will have more better leaders in our lifetime. Thank you Peter for leading the way!

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