Are You “All In”?

In this video, I talk about Rafael Nadal who sobbed after winning the U.S. Open. His was an epic win and he could not have achieved it if he were not “all in”. The question is: how can we be “all in” and achieve epic wins at work? During the Bregman Leadership Program, you’ll have the experience of “all in” and you’ll learn how to bring that passion to the people you’re leading. Find out more about the Bregman Leadership Program here:


  1. Aaron Snell says:

    We received really positive sales data just yesterday for our team- the positive e-mails started flying about and I later sent a follow up, how special we as ‘sales’ people are that we can all ‘feel’ this way…. Pretty special to engage with other humans on that level…. There occasionally seems a disconnect between different departments in the organisation and as such we never feel the humanity …….

    More work to do and thanks Peter for spreading and sharing these rewarding insights.

    Aaron (Australia)

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