Need To Relieve Stress? Hit A Pillow

In this video, I explore how to relieve stress–by working through it physically! Stress is something we feel, not something we think, and thus needs a physical remedy. Are you effectively dealing with your stress?


There will be no transcript for this video. Watch and enjoy!


  1. Ed Young says:

    What a great theraphy …… need to try it and spread the technique …
    Bang! bang! bang! …… !!!!!!!!!!!!!… whewwww so relieved ..
    Everyone should try it once in a while : – )

  2. Alan Gross says:

    Mr. Bregman’s TV demo of “stress reduction” via screaming and hitting a pillow promotes a debunked theory related to Freud’s catharsis hypothesis. Other that informal reports like Bregman’s there exists no empirical support for the idea that “venting” reduces stress or future aggression. In fact carefully conducted empirical studies demonstrate that subjects who vent (the study by Bushman et. al in the following link, for example, demonstrates that subjects who hit a punching bag actually showed MORE future aggression that control subjects who did not punch the bag! ) Bregman is not alone in promulgating the catharsis myth which has somehow invaded popular culture!.

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