1. Daniel says:

    Have you suggestion how to find the right boundaries?

    1. Peter Bregman says:

      First, you need to know the outcome you want to achieve. Be really clear about that. Then let people make their suggestions that will achieve that outcome. Some of it will be trial and error – they might suggests things that seem right but when they try to implement the suggestion, it doesn’t work – that’s a time to set a boundary and help them shift their suggestion so that it helps them – and the organization – move towards the outcome. Hope that helps. Best, P

  2. Barry says:

    How does your advice, in general, differ when applied to a small business (under 10 employees)? I find that most business advice only applies to large corporations.

    Most of my energy is spent with employee issues rather than issues of actually running my business. In any business, the ultimate motivator is keeping ones job, but, even in this “economy” most people don’t want to work for a small company. If I fire an employee, I might have to personally take over their job for 6 months, or more, until I can find an acceptable replacement. So I find myself having to accept unacceptable behavior and poor performance. P.S. I have tried to use money as a motivator with only limited results.

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