1. Jean says:

    Really important to have Peter as a member of his generation and gender say that there is a ROI on meditation.
    I can play this clip to the up and coming in Port Elizabeth businesses. Thank you!

  2. Derek Lauber says:

    Meditation is a key component to leadership, ROI and sustainability.

  3. The benefits reach far beyond impulse control. Check out Daniel Siegel’s “Wheel of Awareness” in his book, Mindsight. Really practical and substantiated by brain research. People who meditate, for example, alter/increase neuron connections.


  4. davidBmeyers says:

    Dr Peter Bregman, Peter

    * I been working on doing nothing for years. Who could I talk too about this? dbm

  5. Adil Nemat says:

    Nice video Coach Peter. What are your views on team sports like soccer, football, basketball. Is playing team sports with dedication and good sports man spirit considered to be a meditation.

    Thanks and have a great weekend.


  6. Thanks Peter for this brief video on the value of meditation. I have been meditating for 15 minutes everyday as well and find it very helpful. And, you helped me to look at another way which was interesting.

    Happy holidays,

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