Are You “Present”?

In this video, I talk about the emotional stress tied to leadership. As a leader, you are constantly being judged. The problem is that sometimes your actions may be misinterpreted because you’re distracted and not present to the situation at hand. The question is: how can you be present in the moment you’re in? During the Bregman Leadership Program, you’ll learn the difficult emotional balance required to be successful as a leader in your workplace. Find out more about the Leadership Program here:


  1. Irene says:

    Very true! Thanks!

  2. yogish says:

    Hi Peter, this was just superb. I believe that meditation helps to stay in the present. Thanks for this excellent video.

  3. Joe says:

    Hi Peter: I applaud how attentive you have been in the past and this lesson on being in “the present” is key to taking the time to value another person’s time with simply focusing (call in meditation, if you will), but humbly giving 100% of oneself to another at any given time be it family, friends or colleagues at work! Bravo ;)

  4. Daniel Lucas says:


    I have a corporate gig, but I am also an endurance athlete. I run a fair amount of trail races with distances between 50k and 100 miles. I have found that the key to controlling my ‘monkey mind’ is to stay in the moment and only focus on whats 20 feet in front of me. this is easier said than done as it’s easy to start assessing how much further I have to go around the middle of the race and it can break my rhythm and focus.

    I make a very conscious effort to ‘be here now’ and enjoy every step of my races.



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