A Plan To Execute Your New Year’s Resolutions

How to really follow though on your New Year Resolutions, why you can’t manage time and what you should be managing instead, and knowing your downfall so you can avoid it.


  1. Padmasree says:

    I enjoyed your video. Thank you for posting this valuable input.

    I have always had long to-do lists and though I bring only 3 to 5 of these into my calendar every day, I find that sometimes only one gets done. But I know the one that got done was the best I could do and every effort went into it without distraction and with focussed attention.

    The fact that I am able to get only one or two things done when I have planned 3 or 5 things – does it mean I am poor in execution? Or is it I am delayed in delivery? My focus on giving it 100% and doing it to the best of my ability has actually made me a poor or a slow executor. I am not sure this is good in the long run.

    I really liked your idea of the last 5 min of the day to learn from the experience and say thank you.

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