1. Peter,

    I enjoyed you interview on Fox. It seems that you focus on large companies. If small businesses are the engine that really drives the economy, why don’t you write or talk about them?

    1. Peter Bregman says:

      Hi Stuart – It’s all the same ideas – everything I said i the interview holds true for small companies. It’s great to hear from you!

    2. Barry says:

      Small companies don’t have stockholders to answer to. This can be good or bad. But it can be harder to get employees to buy into the strategy. In small companies, employees feel more vested in the management of the company, while in large corporations, employees feel more like cogs in the wheel and are more willing to just go along with managements decisions.

  2. Anne says:

    So glad to hear someone talking about and cheering on those who are managing toward the long haul rather than the ‘flavor of the month’. For so long it has seemed that executives have forgotten that seeds planted require careful tending, and take time to grow and produce – or, in their desire to please the market, have ignored that fact, and short term gains have been unsustainable.

  3. Senam Ireland says:

    Peter, your style of delivery is rare. I love how you teach very important leadership skills using very basic and simple language, it makes so much sense to many more people than the traditonal business lectures we are used to. Great works!

  4. Thanks Peter, great points and clear message.

  5. Eric Ward says:

    Great interview! I like the strong message about staying the course for enough time to at the very least assess it once the vision is set. That works in business and on a personal level.

  6. kate stryker says:

    Love the topics you cover, but not videos as a way of getting information. Would you be able to publish more of your video topics with a (written) transcript for those of us who either don’t hear well, can’t listen at a given time but want the information, or just prefer treading to listening? Warmly, Kate Stryker

  7. Hi Peter:

    Finally watched the interview–and really liked how you emphasized Yahoo and JC Penney’s strategies as being smart for the long term. Too many businesses aren’t willing to invest and be patient! And the video interview was quite engaging for being 8 minutes!



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