What is your leadership gap?

In our more than 25 years of working with leaders, we have identified four elements that all great leaders demonstrate. Most of us have one, maybe two of these elements. But to be a powerful presence - to inspire action - you need to excel at all four simultaneously.

Select “Yes” if you already consistently live this statement in your life.

Select “No” if you don’t already live this statement, inconsistently live this statement, or if you want to improve in this area.

If you are unsure or have any doubt, that’s a sign you should check “No.”

Element 1: Confidence in Yourself
Part One: Be Who You Are

1. I stay true to myself, even if I know it will disappoint people around me.
2. I remain steady, balanced, and calm no matter what’s going on around me.
3. I routinely ask for, and take in, feedback without becoming defensive.
4. I am gentle and compassionate with myself when I struggle or fail.
5. I recognize, and embrace, multiple sides of me, including sides that feel unsavory.
6. I care much more about being useful than about being recognized.

Part Two: Become Who You Want to Be

7. I clearly see the person I want to be and the future I want to create.
8. I clearly see the ways in which I already am the person I want to become.
9. I put aside distractions to focus on the future I want to create.
10. I invest my energy wisely and strategically.
11. I work a balanced amount (I am not a workaholic).
12. I laugh easily and often.

Element 2: Connect with Others
Part One: Be Curious and Trusting

13. People clearly know and feel that I trust them (even when we disagree).
14. People clearly know and feel that I listen to them (even when we disagree).
15. People clearly know and feel that I am curious about them and don’t draw conclusions about them.
16. I approach sticky problems with curiosity and creativity.
17. I make myself useful in whatever way is needed to support what others need.
18. I am well-liked by all (even people who disagree with me).

Part Two: Be Clear and Trustworthy

19. I energize the people around me to move forward.
20. I don’t procrastinate on the conversations I’m afraid of having.
21. I am skilled at initiating hard conversations.
22. I am skilled at communicating in the midst of heated emotions.
23. I easily admit when I’ve made a mistake or I’m wrong.
24. People clearly know and feel that I appreciate them (even when we disagree).

Element 3: Commit to Purpose
Part One: Energize Your Focus

25. I give my all to achieve what I’m most passionate about.
26. I am clear about the small number of things that “move the needle” on what matters most.
27. I focus my time and energy on the small number of things that matter most I and let go of the rest.
28. I have a clear and reliable process that keeps me focused on the small number of things that matter most.
29. I am willing to repeat myself until I’m bored in order to reinforce what matters most.
30. I am willing to stay silent about everything else in order to reinforce what matters most.

Part Two: Focus Their Energy

31. My team prioritizes our shared interests over their individual interests.
32. I involve people in the earliest, beginning stages of our work.
33. I have a clear and reliable process that ensures people follow through on their commitments.
34. I have a clear and reliable process that holds people accountable.
35. I truly believe that I need help and I ask for it.
36. I am effective at helping others recover and perform after their mistakes, failures and struggles.

Element 4: Emotional Courage
Part One: Feel Courageously

37. At any given moment, I can identify what I am feeling.
38. I can identify where in my body I feel an emotion.
39. I can easily manage the tension of not getting what I want.
40. I routinely step into the unknown.
41. Pain and discomfort do not dissuade me from doing what needs to be done.
42. I regularly feel a wide range of emotions at the same time, some of them contradictory.

Part Two: Act Boldly

43. I routinely take calculated and bold risks.
44. I intentionally put myself in uncomfortable situations.
45. I make hard decisions quickly.
46. I skillfully tell people hard truths in a way that they can hear it.
47. I regularly try new ways of acting, even when it doesn’t feel authentic.
48. I make the highest impact use of each moment.


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