1. I relax.
2. I speak up when I have something important to say.
3. I inspire others to work towards my vision.
4. I connect with the people around me.
5. I connect with the bigger picture.
6. I make bold decisions.
7. I act despite fear.
8. I build bridges between people, departments, and silos.
9. I stay open and receptive when criticized.
10. I achieve big things without feeling anxiety.
11. I build relationships with difficult people or people I don’t like.
12. I patiently listen to people when they have issues.
13. I take risks.
14. I get others to follow through on what’s most important.
15. I manage politics skillfully and effectively to achieve what’s most important.
16. I inspire commitment from the people around me.
17. I stay open, vulnerable, and honest with others.
18. I get the best from the people around me.
19. I show up in critical leadership moments with confidence.
20. I feel understood.
21. I effectively handle people who constantly push back.
22. I raise hard-to-talk about issues.
23. I don’t get defensive when people criticize me.
24. I influence others.
25. I have difficult conversations.
26. I align my team behind a shared goal.
27. I make important decisions quickly.
28. I address conflict proactively.
29. I build relationships with people I like.
30. I follow through on what’s most important.
31. I focus my effort on a clear vision.
32. I get my team to be accountable.
33. I maintain my health and energy without feeling stressed and tired.
34. I don’t procrastinate on the things that matter most (even when they’re hard).
35. I make decisions and take actions that might upset people.
36. I drive change.
37. I have productive conflicts with others.
38. I focus the efforts of others on what’s most important.
39. I identify what’s holding me back.
40. I don’t get pulled in too many directions.
41. I get buy-in from others on my vision and guiding principles.
42. I energize the people around me to move forward.
43. I drive critical outcomes.
44. I build trust with, and between, the people around me.
45. I advocate strongly for my positions.

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