Are Your Habits Counter-Productive?

The following are just a few examples of intuitive behaviors—things we do out of habit—that are generally counter-productive. We do them routinely, yet they rarely get us what we want. Take the quiz to see how often you get caught up in moves that work against you.

When I’m working on an important project, I strive to get everything perfect.
When I get something wrong, I am pretty hard on myself.
I compare myself to others and/or others to each other
When someone fails, I say things to try to make them feel better.
I argue with people when I disagree with them.
When I’m taken by surprise or feel attacked by someone, I act defensively.
I do my best to prevent failure - mine and/or other people's.
I focus more on people's flaws than their strengths.
When I need to accomplish a difficult task, I rely on willpower to push through.
I move from one activity to the next without setting aside time to just think.

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